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Festivals in Singapore

Festivals in Singapore


Pongal is a four-day period festival, which is celebrated widely in Southern India. The Indians in Singapore also celebrate it with grandeur at the beginning of the auspicious month of Thai. This festival is celebrated as a thank you to the sun god, Surya, for the harvest and the riches of life. During Pongal, Little India is lit up with various events and competitions. People also exchanged gifts and wear new clothes during this festival in Singapore.

When:  January

Chinese New Year

The first day of Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in Singapore, falls on the new moon day. The Lunar New Year (as it is also called) is of great significance to the Chinese who clean their homes to get rid of the bad or the ill-fortune and make way for good luck. The celebration of this grand festival in Singapore continues for 14 days starting on the eve of the New Years. During this time, the Chinese locals visit their families and decorate their homes with red and gold colours. They also exchange gifts and give kids Hong Bao (red envelopes). The Chinatown comes to life through the celebration of festivities. Lion and dragon dances performed as a part of the celebration.

When:  February 

Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival or the spring lantern festival is one of the most popular festivals in Singapore. It marks the last day of celebration of the Chinese New Year (15th day). During this day, the kids carry paper lanterns outside, lit them up and release it in the sky. Some paper lanterns are simple and traditional whereas some are of different shapes and sizes. Some even have quizzes on them for the kids to solve. It's a magnificent sight to see several lanterns light up the night sky.

When:  February 

Singapore National Day

The National Day of Singapore is one of the favourite festivals in Singapore. The day is celebrated by holding a parade, followed by choreographed dances and much more. Every Singaporean takes pride in their country, people and their harmony.

When:  August