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DMC Singapore Sustainability

DMC Singapore Sustainability

At M.I.C.E Matters DMC

Aware that tourism is important for the development of countries and their populations, it can also destabilize communities and traditions.

We believe that tourism should be profitable for all. With this in mind, we are taking action to ensure that the local people in our destinations will benefit from our business.

We wish to offer our customers authentic stays far from mass tourism that respect the integrity of local populations, their way of life, and the fauna and flora.

Furthermore in our office:

Avoid paper work as much as possible. We use our ICT infrastructure to send invoices and quotes by email as PDFs or wetransfer.

We recycle where we can

We shut our computers and printers down after work or when not in use .

We purchase recycled products

We encourage the use of low impact transport for travel to and from work or business travel.